Basic Care for Giant African Land Snails

  • A clean, fresh, warm and damp environment should be provided, usually within a tank of some kind.
  • The tank should be heated to between 20-29°C. This can be done using a heat mat
  • Substrate such as soil or moss should be provided so your snails can burrow. 
  • Substrate should be changed when it starts to look dirty - usually around once a week, depending on the number of snails you have.
  • The tank should be wiped down regularly, as needed, and thoroughly rinsed out about one a month.
  • Fresh food should be provided every day. All food should be washed thoroughly and old food removed from the tank after one or two days. 
  • A supply of calcium should also be available at all times.
  • Bathe your snails regularly - roughly once a month.
  • Regularly check for eggs and destroy them if you can’t keep or re-home them.

The above details general care for most species of snails, however different species can require slightly different care (particularly with regards to temperature and humidity). has detailed care instructions for many different species of snails, which you can find here