Reader Questions – Are These Eggs?

Hello, my name is Emma and I was wondering if you could help me and answer a question about my pet snail.

He/she is called Gary and I have had her for just over a year now, Gary originally came from my mums nursery but I’ve looked after him in my room since I looked far him at Christmas 2013, he has a large tank water and I feed him cucumber be regularly although he has not been given a cuttlefish in a while.

My concern is whilst I was spraying his soil with water I noted two large egg like things on his right side, I’ve done some research but can’t seem to find anything, I’ve included a picture to help. I would really appreciate your help as I only know the basics about African land snails and I am becoming worried about him. Kind regards.
— Emma

Hi Emma,

My snail is called Gary too! Are you a Spongebob fan? 

Anyway, those definitely look like snail eggs – are they attached to him or can you get them off? If they come off I think they probably eggs that have got stuck to him somehow. You might want to check under the soil for more and then freeze them so you don’t end up with hundreds of babies.

Good luck!

Definitely a Spongebob fan :)

They did come off Gary soon after I sent the email and so figured they were probably eggs. I definitely did not expect Gary to be laying eggs anytime soon!
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