Reader Questions – Handling New Snails

Hi, I was just wondering how to handle the snails easier. My snails are only 4 weeks old and I rarely handle them, but when I do hold them they don’t really come out.

I was just wondering how I could get a better relationship, maybe holding them more? Thanks.
— Jamie-Lee Slassor

Hi Jamie-Lee,

Thanks for your question – it’s great that you want to build a better relationship with your snails, they are very rewarding pets!

The best way to handle snails is with wet hands, since they prefer warm, damp climates. I find that giving my snails a bath encourages them to come out of their shells and explore more, so you could try handling them after a quick wash in warm water to wake them up a bit.

Also, try putting some food on your hand too. Your snails will be more likely to come out of their shells if there is something yummy on offer!

You can read more about handling snails here.

Hope that helps, let us know how you get on!

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