Reader Questions – Heat Mat for Snail Babies

Good afternoon, I would appreciate if you could provide me with some information.

We purchased 2 baby snails on Saturday, which came with a tank, soil base, cuttlefish and a piece of cucumber, we have sprayed it for the last 3 days with warm water and just today changed the piece of cucumber.

I have read that we may need a heat mat, which I have just purchased today, but on all the sites I have looked on it refers to the snails when they have grown, so I am unsure whether to use the mat or not.

Would you please tell me exactly what equipment I need and the general care day to day of these babies as I want to look after them well for my little boy?

Thank you in advance for your time.
— Mrs. Mellors

Hi Mrs. Mellors,

It’s great that you are so keen to take good care of your snails for your little boy!

Regardless of their age, giant African land snails should be kept at a temperature of between 20-29 degrees Celsius, which usually means a heat mat is required, especially in colder months. You can find a good heat mat suitable for most tanks or terrariums in your local pet shop or on Amazon. There is more information, and links to products, on the here on the 'heating' page of this site.

Both adult and baby GALS also require a humid habitat – around 80% humidity – so spray them regularly with water. You can check the humidity of the tank using a hygrometer (more info via the link above).

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