Reader Questions – How Long Do I Freeze Eggs For?


I have just acquired 2 African land snail babies for my children that I adore, but I am worried about the ease of breeding and destroying the eggs. I have read several articles on different Web sites and the only way I could destroy the eggs without feeling really cruel is to freeze them, but it doesn’t say anywhere how long to freeze them for and what to do with them after you’ve frozen them. Do I just bin them? Do they need to stay frozen as When they thaw out they become viable again? I don’t want to be over run with babies that I can’t look after or re-home.

Can you help? Thanks.
— Jackie

Hi Jackie!

You are right, freezing eggs is the best way to make sure they don’t hatch and it’s not cruel at all.

Leaving the eggs in the freezer overnight is usually long enough and once eggs are frozen the embryo will die, so no, they don’t become viable after you take them out of the freezer.

Putting them in the bin should be fine, or you could bury them if you want to.

Good luck with your new snails!

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