Reader Questions – Leftover Egg Shell

Hi, I have 2 baby African land snails which hatched 10 days ago and one still has about half of it’s egg shell over the top of it’s shell. I am concerned this may affect the development of it’s shell as it does not seem to be growing quite as quickly as the other one. It is active, feeding on leaves and I have seen it eating both cuttlefish and oyster shell in the tank. Any advice gratefully received! Many thanks.
— Michelle Gibson

Hi Michelle,

Just like humans, snails can grow at different rates, so I wouldn’t worry too much, expecially as your snail seems to be eating fine. However, if you can brush the leftover egg shell off your snail, then that would probably help and also make him/her more comfortable.

Hope that helps, and good luck with your new snails!

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