Reader Questions – Snail Not Waking Up


Hope you are well. I wondered if you could give me some advice about my snail.

I have just got the snail and it has not come out of its shell since we put it in the tank. I have read up and got books and have got the correct substrate and tank and heat mat , water bowl etc. and have been misting it each day and left fresh cucumber out each day.

I got the snail from someone who rescued them via a teacher at my son’s nursery. Perhaps it got cold on the journey and then has gone into shock when it went into a tank with heat mat? Perhaps it is hibernating or maybe it has died? I am not sure how to tell. I got the snail last Wednesday and it has not moved since and its now Sunday, do you have any advice? Many thanks.
— Rebecca

Hi Rebecca,

It sounds like your new snail might just need to get used to it’s new home. It is common for snails to burrow or hide for a few days after a big change to their habitat. It sounds like you are doing everything right, so continue to put out fresh food and be patient and your snail should come out and say hello after a few more days.

If your snail still doesn’t want to come out after a week or so, you could try and give it a gentle bath. This usually warms them up and gets them moving, and it’s not harmful at all. You can find details on how to give your snail a bath here.

If you think your snail might have died, the easiest way to tell is to pick it up and smell it. If it smells bad and fishy, then unfortunately your snail has died. If there is no noticeable smell, then he or she is just sleeping.

I hope that answers your question, good luck with your new snail, and let us know if your new friend decided to wake up!