Readers' Questions – Snails Not Eating, Should I Dig Them Up?

Hi there,

I have 3 GALS: 2 albino snails and one normal GAL.

They burrow under their substrate for most of the day and I normally dig them up around 10pm to try to get them to eat.

I wonder if it’s just best to leave them and leave them to their own devices leaving them to help themselves to food when they’re ready?

I’m just a bit concerned that they’re not eating a lot despite giving them plenty of variety of fruit and veg to eat.

— M. Powell

Hi M, thanks for your question!

If you have only just got your snails, then they may just need some time to settle into their new environment. If you’ve had them a while they still might need to settle in, especially if they are constantly being disturbed.

It’s tempting to try and force your snails to eat, particularly if they haven’t eaten for a while, but digging them up can be stressful for them and may make the problem worse.

I suggest continuing to leave food out, removing and replacing it when it goes mouldy even if it’s not been touched, and leaving your snails to it for a week or two. They should hopefully start to relax, explore their tank and start eating properly in time.

Hope that helps!

Food, QuestionsKate Dreyer