What Do Giant African Land Snails Eat?

Feeding Giant African Land Snails is easy, as they will eat a large variety of different food. 

African land snails also love tomatoes, sweetcorn, sweet potato, cabbage, dandelion leaves, banana, apple and much more. Snails can also eat dog biscuits and fish food! These are actually really good for snails as they contain lots of additional vitamins and calcium which helps their shells grow strong. For a more comprehensive list of food suitable for snails, please see the diet page.

However, some foods can make snails ill or even kill them. Unsuitable food for snails include onions, processed starchy food such as pasta and bread, or anything containing salt.

As well as a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, African land snails also need a constant supply of calcium to help their shells to grow. Cuttlefish bone is perfect for this and most pet shops stock them. Other sources of calcium include ground oyster shells and eggs shells although these are less effective.